Is NIL Right for You?

Our mission here at The National Invention League (NIL) is to foster the growth of the invention community by providing inventors with access to real information and promising opportunities.

Sound like something you are interested in?

Before we are able to provide you with FREE programming designed to take your invention to the next level, we must first determine if you are eligible for our services. Ask yourself these questions.

Are you an inventor?

To officially be called an inventor, you need a patent protection already in place which satisfies the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) guidelines. Or, proof that a provisional patent application has been filed.

Do you have a marketing presentation?

A marketing presentation is visual documentation of your overall plan. You need to have professional design work to display, as well as a webpage or sell sheet.

Do you have branding material?

Branding is a way for you, and other entrepreneurs, to show the world what you are all about, and to let consumers know what can be expected from your product.

There are various ways to build up a brand, however, we only require a logo or trademark to get started.  Prototypes are not necessary but can be extremely useful tools in the product development process and market analysis.

If you’ve answered “yes” to everything so far, please feel free to reach out to us.

But first, we have one last question.

Do you have a good idea?

Anyone can come up with an idea.

We want to know what sets yours apart. Is it unique? Is it useful?

If you are still emphatically nodding your head up and down, shouting, yes, yes, YES- We want to hear from you. Our team of experts will assess your responses and decide if we are indeed a suitable match. Any information given is 100% confidential, and all project reviews are completely free. Contacts us at 888-909-6645, or click here.







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